Covid Christmas

Looking back over the last four new years mumblings, dog-eared ink stained pages; one thing is clear. It didn’t get better. And lets’ not kid ourselves 2021 is gonna turn into a sweep-off-my-feet hunk anytime soon. The year tottered, tripped and – like myself – had a spell in hospital. Cut head, and a ward that discovered it had covid. Tested. Negative. A Xmas with V and I bumping around like masked Atari figures, multi-surface spray for hands, load bearing polythene for walls. It vacuum-sealed the tomb containing touch, hug, fun, reassurance. And difference. The repetition, for me, like the rocking of a too big Polar Bear in a shit zoo. Symbols of humanity reduced to dust by virus and the responses of ‘leaders’, rebels, dumbasses and selfish. A couple of breakdowns along the line, can I rebuild myself ? AI humanity. Zoom. Faces. Stasis. Pixellated. Friends as Lego figures. We can pretend the scent of good will will linger, but the hoarders, face-coughers, corrupt contracts…the ‘friends’ who couldn’t type ‘Hi’ in 9 months…we know thee will be a price to pay in ourselves…but also when Rees Mogg says ‘ I hope taxes wont pick up the tab’….we’ll see how big the love for carers, workers and creaking services is. This from a hedgefunder who ‘had a good war’…Wartime profiteers, holding open their camel coat to display nylons, soiled knickers and Spam…none made in the UK. A traitor not to this absurd country but to morality. I’d cut his throat on his own monocle. A cabinet spunking taxpayers money on failure of friends like a lifer at a cheap brothel. Not to say my five tins of tuna haven’t provided a penson plan like Bitcoin, and at one point wine had street value not retail price. This is reality. Broke friends, cultural capital reduced to masked dogging. Hopefully it’ll change in six months. To those beautiful fuckers that held the line, the neighbourhood network, did their best…hey little Art Sheppard well played…then I hope I’ve helped you out too though it’s been hard to feel it xx See you guys on the flip side maybe…I can’t wait, but then I’ve never taken it for granted….smooches, yeah xxx

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